Wednesday, February 24, 2010

week 8

Before I start off my post, I have to say that I am VERY VERY confused over the difference between strategies and tactics. And because I swear my life by Google, I did a whole lot of research on it only to be more confused than ever before. I called my friend, she explained her guts out to me and I think she got equally confused at the end of it too.
As if rubbing salt to my wound, this week's reading is on Strategies. Thanks alot.
I guess I will probably be right back once I get these two terms straightened out. Meanwhile, I am gonna read up on Week 10's reading and see if it is out to get me as well.

Okay now I guess I understand what strategy and tactic is.
A good organization example of having one of the best marketing stategy and tactic has to be, again, Coca Cola.
"Enjoyed more than 685 million times a day around the world Coca-Cola stands as a simple, yet powerful symbol of quality and enjoyment" (Allen, 1995).

Coca Cola's strategy is guided by six main key beliefs. Two of them:
Consumers demands drives everything we do.
We will be the best marketers in the world.

With that, Coca Cola came up with not one but a few strategies such as accelerating carbonated soft-drink growth led by Coca Cola and selectively broadens the family of beverage brands. Coca Cola had promotional activities such as Coca Cola Concert, Coca Cola Go-RED, Coca Cola Party-in-a-Park and alot more. This strategic move resulted Coca Cola to be the world's leading company in 2002.


  1. Hi Yanti,

    I actually got confused with this whole tactics & strategies mambo jumbo too..

    But I asked Ms. Tanya in class- then she said that:
    Strategy- is the approach that you are taking in your PR work
    Tactics- are practical ways that you would like to implement for your strategy to work

    I think I understood better with an example- so here's my take...
    Now you need to provide PR for an IT company- sort of launching a new product. You want to target people that are IT-inclined (Strategy). How to that? Maybe you want to create a website so the IT-inclined people can check out about the product itself (tactics).

    Hope that helps a little. :o)

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  3. Treasure PR writer-

    Cola cola tactics include using advertisements like the one with "brrrrrr" right now.

    but strategy as you can see, they want the public to see them as a brand for consumers, that consumer like, that is fun, not monotonous and far from being an almost monopolistic 'money-eating' company.