Wednesday, February 10, 2010

week 6

Who would have thought that such a basic idea like that could have landed Jolyn Chua a really cool job? Organising Chaos Daily (OCD) is such an inspiration to me. Not to clean up my bedroom but to have a very own company of my own. Not in organizing too. Well, the thought of starting my own business suddenly seem so... achievable? Okay, maybe still not so.

This week's reading - Engaging with the Media - I find it so related to what I study in CMNS1280- Introduction to Journalism and so I find it rather easy to grasp the chapter. The world today no longer rely on just the traditional form of media (newspaper or radio or television). Today we look into new media such as the internet and the internet especially plays a huge role on almost everyone's life if not all and of course not forgetting lifes that of PR practitioners.

Coca Cola currently has the second most popular page on Facebook (click here). That is second from Barack Obama! Wait, the best part?.

Coca Cola have absolutely nothing to do with its creation!
And they have benefitted from the buckets of awesomeness it brings!
Coca Cola invested $15 million on public relations but thanks to social media, those PR people can slack already.

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