Wednesday, February 24, 2010

week 8

Before I start off my post, I have to say that I am VERY VERY confused over the difference between strategies and tactics. And because I swear my life by Google, I did a whole lot of research on it only to be more confused than ever before. I called my friend, she explained her guts out to me and I think she got equally confused at the end of it too.
As if rubbing salt to my wound, this week's reading is on Strategies. Thanks alot.
I guess I will probably be right back once I get these two terms straightened out. Meanwhile, I am gonna read up on Week 10's reading and see if it is out to get me as well.

Okay now I guess I understand what strategy and tactic is.
A good organization example of having one of the best marketing stategy and tactic has to be, again, Coca Cola.
"Enjoyed more than 685 million times a day around the world Coca-Cola stands as a simple, yet powerful symbol of quality and enjoyment" (Allen, 1995).

Coca Cola's strategy is guided by six main key beliefs. Two of them:
Consumers demands drives everything we do.
We will be the best marketers in the world.

With that, Coca Cola came up with not one but a few strategies such as accelerating carbonated soft-drink growth led by Coca Cola and selectively broadens the family of beverage brands. Coca Cola had promotional activities such as Coca Cola Concert, Coca Cola Go-RED, Coca Cola Party-in-a-Park and alot more. This strategic move resulted Coca Cola to be the world's leading company in 2002.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

week 7

Hello everyone. We are having our one week break now and truthfully a week is not enough at all given our sky high assignments and all.

This week's reading is on Public Relations Practice.
If life is not always fair, how can a PR practitioner always take a win-win approach? Doesn't that means fair? Is that possible at all times? But if that is what makes an effective PR, then life is indeed unfair because it is quite unlikely, in my opinion, to ever have a win-win approach because at any one point of time, there is sure a party to not benefit something if not entirely out of a plan.
I know my words are very confusing sometimes... Hope you get my drift.

Now that I know the not-for-profit (NFP) sector is a good start for a PR noob, I kind of want to open up my eyes right now and look around for an NFP organization so that once I graduate, I more or less know the various NFP organization in Singapore and hopefully, MAYBE apply for work. But I guess no job is ever easy, even for this case. There are a few challenges too namely the budget that NFP sectors normally face as it is absolutely small and the organization normally expects big returns... Also, for a fact, I am not a very patient person and it seems like it requires tremendous patient when working in an NFP sector (page 166 of textbook).

However, I personally feel that working in NFP environments should be less stressful than that of corporate environments. The issues of ethics would be lesser too if I could say so because what PR people do in NFP sectors, are, afterall, for a good cause.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

week 6

Who would have thought that such a basic idea like that could have landed Jolyn Chua a really cool job? Organising Chaos Daily (OCD) is such an inspiration to me. Not to clean up my bedroom but to have a very own company of my own. Not in organizing too. Well, the thought of starting my own business suddenly seem so... achievable? Okay, maybe still not so.

This week's reading - Engaging with the Media - I find it so related to what I study in CMNS1280- Introduction to Journalism and so I find it rather easy to grasp the chapter. The world today no longer rely on just the traditional form of media (newspaper or radio or television). Today we look into new media such as the internet and the internet especially plays a huge role on almost everyone's life if not all and of course not forgetting lifes that of PR practitioners.

Coca Cola currently has the second most popular page on Facebook (click here). That is second from Barack Obama! Wait, the best part?.

Coca Cola have absolutely nothing to do with its creation!
And they have benefitted from the buckets of awesomeness it brings!
Coca Cola invested $15 million on public relations but thanks to social media, those PR people can slack already.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

week 5

The Loft, Indiesin, Bonitochico (hope i spelled this right), Mod Parade and Theblogshop are some of the few examples of successful local fashion brands.
Today, a rising number of youths are into local street fashion brands carrying clothing lines that are normally self-designed by its founder or at times inspired by higher-end fashion labels such as Topshop and even Chanel! - a cause of mass production.

So anyway in today's lecture, we went through Experiential Marketing.
So what is that? Putting it in my own words, Experiential Marketing is basically, advertising a product to a certain targeted audience (consumers). To do so, the company would have to invest in alot of research to gather as much information as possible on what these group of consumers want and look for in a product. Experiential Marketing comes up with advertising schemes that are personal to this group of individuals.

This week's reading is on research - Public Relations Research (Chapter 6).
Okay.. Research?!! The mother of all research! I have to admit I hate doing research. Each time I do one, my brain just shuts down and I can do no more than one intelligent research.
So the last sentence isn't true. I have to say I swear my life today by Google. I would estimate that about 80% of my time is spent on research. It isn't necessarily on important stuffs like for academic assignments, but also from music to gadgets to celebrities.
Basically research is a very fundamental element to everyones' everyday lives.

Not to mention for those in the PR field of work.
It'd be a million times more research to know and understand the clients, to know who the audiences are, to understand the public, to set objectives and targets.
I wouldn't be surprise if I met a PR practitioner with 'dig' as his middle name.
Get it?