Wednesday, February 3, 2010

week 5

The Loft, Indiesin, Bonitochico (hope i spelled this right), Mod Parade and Theblogshop are some of the few examples of successful local fashion brands.
Today, a rising number of youths are into local street fashion brands carrying clothing lines that are normally self-designed by its founder or at times inspired by higher-end fashion labels such as Topshop and even Chanel! - a cause of mass production.

So anyway in today's lecture, we went through Experiential Marketing.
So what is that? Putting it in my own words, Experiential Marketing is basically, advertising a product to a certain targeted audience (consumers). To do so, the company would have to invest in alot of research to gather as much information as possible on what these group of consumers want and look for in a product. Experiential Marketing comes up with advertising schemes that are personal to this group of individuals.

This week's reading is on research - Public Relations Research (Chapter 6).
Okay.. Research?!! The mother of all research! I have to admit I hate doing research. Each time I do one, my brain just shuts down and I can do no more than one intelligent research.
So the last sentence isn't true. I have to say I swear my life today by Google. I would estimate that about 80% of my time is spent on research. It isn't necessarily on important stuffs like for academic assignments, but also from music to gadgets to celebrities.
Basically research is a very fundamental element to everyones' everyday lives.

Not to mention for those in the PR field of work.
It'd be a million times more research to know and understand the clients, to know who the audiences are, to understand the public, to set objectives and targets.
I wouldn't be surprise if I met a PR practitioner with 'dig' as his middle name.
Get it?

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