Wednesday, February 17, 2010

week 7

Hello everyone. We are having our one week break now and truthfully a week is not enough at all given our sky high assignments and all.

This week's reading is on Public Relations Practice.
If life is not always fair, how can a PR practitioner always take a win-win approach? Doesn't that means fair? Is that possible at all times? But if that is what makes an effective PR, then life is indeed unfair because it is quite unlikely, in my opinion, to ever have a win-win approach because at any one point of time, there is sure a party to not benefit something if not entirely out of a plan.
I know my words are very confusing sometimes... Hope you get my drift.

Now that I know the not-for-profit (NFP) sector is a good start for a PR noob, I kind of want to open up my eyes right now and look around for an NFP organization so that once I graduate, I more or less know the various NFP organization in Singapore and hopefully, MAYBE apply for work. But I guess no job is ever easy, even for this case. There are a few challenges too namely the budget that NFP sectors normally face as it is absolutely small and the organization normally expects big returns... Also, for a fact, I am not a very patient person and it seems like it requires tremendous patient when working in an NFP sector (page 166 of textbook).

However, I personally feel that working in NFP environments should be less stressful than that of corporate environments. The issues of ethics would be lesser too if I could say so because what PR people do in NFP sectors, are, afterall, for a good cause.

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