Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What is a PR strategy? And so i asked.

PR strategy, as I have understood in today's lecture, is a plan which creates and identifies new, innovative approaches to place an organisation in a good light so as to boost their image.
Well actually, apart from just boosting an organisation's image, a PR strategy can also be used to raise public awareness such as an anti-smoking campaign or perhaps an online petition against the slaughter of dolphins.

However, what makes a good (and of course, successful) PR strategy?

I personally feel that to ensure the success of a strategy, one would have to know just exactly what reporters want or need to know. Of course it would be much better if the strategy includes fitting in news of the moment, not just splashing pictures of the products and covering a whole media release about what one think is right.

(class over, ill be back to finish this up)
(now i'm back)

It is funny how the media could wrap its audiences from all walks of life around its fingers. Manipulative, evil, propagandist, dominant and so on. It is even funnier that most of these audiences, if not all, are actually aware of it but instead of steering themselves away from believing the media, they themselves fall victims.

Therefore I believe that PR is a very crucial tool to help amend these people's perceptions in more than one ways.

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