Wednesday, March 10, 2010

week 10

Traditional public relations techniques are no longer appropriate in much a public relations practice as they fail to connect with an internet-savvy public.

New Media and Public Relations
Old media is broken. The world today rely on new media to get going. The new media, to me, has provided public relation practitioners with many new opportunities. Journalists, for example, also rely on new media such as social media sites like Facebook and Youtube as a source of information.
According to research from TEKgroup International, Inc, journalists use new media more than PR pros think. An estimated of 87% of journalists visit corporate websites at least once a month.

Twitter (micro-blogging) is now used as a PR tool to monitor an organization's reputation. It is used to monitor and respond to what is being said about the organization. Twitter offers live updates which enables the public to know what the organization is up to. It provides a very overwhelming respond in the case of Comcast.

Such is the impact Twitter has.
The new media provides instant updates on crisis, instant donations and of course, instant publicity. In the past, with old media, it was hard to get in the news but with the new media, PR people can just bypass it and create new channels and start a conversation with the public.

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